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Tuesday, 24 September 2013 09:36

Car Servicing and Repair Trend Tracker 2013

Available now, the latest Castrol Professional Car Servicing & Repair Trend Tracker presents a very detailed account of the market size and trends over the past decade for the retail servicing, maintenance and repairs (SMR) market - and forecasts going forward five years to 2018.
The 2013 report includes:
  • Brand new consumer research covering servicing retention and retention of SMR for Trend Tracker's traditional 14 brands and country groups plus data on brands with smaller car parcs
  • Analysis of the market trends in the light of the new, 2012 consumer data and forecasts running forward to 2018;
  • New research and analysis of providers of servicing and mechanical repairs, with trends and forecasts to 2018;
  • Updated market background information, which is crucial in the light of the ongoing economic situation.
More details about the Car Servicing & Repair Trend Tracker report