Unveiling the Tuning Study 2023:

We are excited to unveil our latest endeavor in collaboration with BBE Automotive: the Tuning Study 2023. This comprehensive report delves deep into the emotional mobility, car tuning, and refinement landscape in Germany. Backed by the support of industry leaders including VDAT, AvD, and Automechanika Frankfurt, this study promises to offer unparalleled insights into the evolving world of automotive customization.

Key Findings and Insights:

Drawing from extensive research and analysis, the Tuning Study 2023 presents a wealth of insights gleaned from 1,000 car drivers, over 100 drivers of tuned cars, and more than 30 manufacturers. From attitudes and behaviors to market segmentation and challenges, the report leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of the tuning scene.

Understanding the Market Dynamics:

One of the standout revelations of the study is the significant market volume of over 2 billion euros in Germany alone. Wheels/tyres and chassis components emerge as the frontrunners, reflecting the preferences and priorities of the tuning community. Furthermore, the report sheds light on the dominant presence of models from German manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz.

Bridging the Gap:

Beyond the numbers and statistics, the Tuning Study 2023 seeks to bridge the gap between enthusiasts and critics. By offering factual insights and objectifying the discussion, the report aims to foster constructive dialogue within the automotive community. As Gerd Heinemann, CEO of BBE Automotive GmbH, says, “Car tuning is polarising, parts of the population are critical of the scene, while almost a third can be described as “tuning-affine”. This study is based on facts and will objectify the discussion. We want to encourage dialogue between fans and critics.”


“The study clearly confirms well-known VDAT positions. Firstly: the desire for automotive individuality is independent of the type of drive. E-mobility is making inroads into the scene. Secondly, the product ranking shows that the visual perceptibility of individualisation is important to the target group. Thirdly, the fringe group of posers and racers should not be equated with the “tuning scene”!”

-Harald Schmidtke, Managing Director VDAT (Association of Automobile Tuners)


As automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals, the Tuning Study 2023 provides us with invaluable insights into the emotional mobility of car enthusiasts. It’s not just about modifying vehicles; it’s about forging connections, expressing individuality, and celebrating the art of automotive customization. Join us on this journey as we explore the vibrant world of car tuning and refinement.

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