Potential Analysis

Goals of potential analysis for garages and car dealerships

  • Identification of potentially strong undeveloped zip code areas
  • Specification of deviations between the brand split in the catchment area and at the site
  • Assessment of market shares by 5-digit zip code in the catchment area (Prerequisite: turnover identification by 5-digit zip code)
  • Development of an annual plan of measures and delegations plus activity planning
  • Control measures in transactions with private and industrial customers
  • A basis for a competition analysis (competition data fed from the central data bank)
  • Reduced advertising dispersion cost: targeted utilization of workshop marketing instruments
  • Rating basis for negotiations with banks
  • Search for locations, shifting of locations
  • Field-work control

An example of analysis, planning & implementation solutions

After Sales ACCESS Database

Insights on Market Players, Aftermarket Volumes, Aftermarket Structures and more.