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Keep an eye on the Automotive Aftermarket

Always and everywhere through our after sales ACCESS database
The After Sales ACCESS database gives you access to exclusive market data that helps you to understand and keep an overview of all 35 European markets. In addition, the after sales database provides insights into the market structures and market participants at all levels of trade, including workshops. Above all, the data is permanently and carefully researched by our team and our partner experts. So, get an overview and stay up to date.
After Sales ACCESS Database -your gateway to understand the trade dynamics of the global automotive aftermarket

Automotive Aftermarket information on 35 European Countries.

Most important car parts distributors - after sales database
Access detailed company profiles of over 5000 automotive component distributors. With just a few mouse clicks you can select companies by type, country, size etc. and view their profiles with plenty of information such as:
– Sales volume
– Number of branches
– Number of employees
– Who belongs to whom?
– Which workshop concepts are used?
Trade and buying groups in the Aftermarket - after sales access database
Gain valuable insights into the active trade and buying groups in Europe, including comprehensive information about their members.
Our database is continuously updated to reflect the latest market events, such as mergers or acquisitions, ensuring you stay informed about the retail sales of these trade and buying groups. With this feature, you can always keep a close eye on their activities and performance.
Trade and buying groups in the Aftermarket - after sales access database
Number of workshops by type in all 35 European countries.
Subdivided into branded workshops, independent workshops, tyre specialists, automotive glass specialists, and automotive paint specialists. It provides a comprehensive overview of workshop concepts, including the number of connected workshops and details regarding the companies that supply these concepts. Additionally, we offer interactive maps that illustrate the distribution of connected workshops, enabling you to explore and discover the specific workshop concepts employed.
Aftermarket volume by general 10 product groups and IAM/OES split.
– Assemblies
– Electrics / electronics
– Body Parts / lighting
– Paint
– Mechanical replacement parts
– Oil / lubricants
– Accessories
– Car glass
– Other chemicals
– Tyres
The volume is expressed in the form of end-user prices excluding VAT and excluding salary.
Vehicles in operation -after sales database
Development of the vehicle population for cars, trucks and buses.
The Car parks are separated by brand (Powered by TecAlliance).

Number of Garages by Type

Knowing the workshop landscape means knowing the sales market e.g.
How many workshops are there per country and how are they distributed according to workshop type? In which countries does the IAM dominate and in which countries does the OES channel?
Structure of car repair shops and car delaerships per country - after sales database

Aftermarket Volumes

You can access information about market sizes and perform potential calculations.
The overall size and the division into 10 product groups as well as into the “free market” and “brand-related market” channels provide a solid basis for more detailed potential calculations.
Automotive Aftermarket Volumes in Value

Trade and Buying Groups

Overview of the trade and buying groups that are currently active in Europe, along with details about their members.
This view lets you keep track and trace which distributor belongs to which trade and buying group. In addition, you can also easily see the lists of members and their cumulated turnover and number of outlets by each country. Moreover, the database is immediately updated according to the latest market events such as a merger or acquisition. In this way, you always keep an eye on the retail sales of the trade and buying groups.
Overview on international trade groups in the automotive aftermarket

Vehicles in operations

Discover comprehensive information on registered passenger cars and trucks in European countries effortlessly.
Our database provides detailed data, including the number of new registrations, car density, average age, and average mileage. In addition to these high-level numbers, you can also delve deeper into the car make (brand) level for each country, gaining valuable insights into specific brands.
Vehicles in Operation

Most important market players

The After Sales ACCESS database provides you with more than 6.000 detailed company profiles of car and truck parts distributors, wholesalers, auto centers, direct marketers, and retail chains.
Within each profile, you will find essential information such as turnover figures, number of outlets, and employees. Furthermore, our database unravels the intricate relationships between these companies and provides a visual representation of their distribution networks, empowering you with valuable insights.
Information you receive:
– Sales volume
– Number of branches
– Number of employees
– Who belongs to whom?
– Which workshop concepts are used?
– Contact details
– Network illustrated on maps
– etc..
Detailed company profiles of car parts distributors and workshops chains


Customers Feedback

The comprehensive European Car Aftermarket Study by Wolk & Nikolic Aftersales Intelligence GmbH provide insights about the Who-is-Who of the most important players in the Automotive After Sales Market as well about the size of the parts and accessory market based on data and research. The standardized country profiles enable fast finding of country as well automotive related KPIs. A must have for European or global headquarters acting in our industry and a good introduction for newcomers.

André Tropartz, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH

Whether in marketing or sales – in form of a database or as an always available reference the report gives us insights into the markets and supports us with many important structural data in strategic planning and business development.

Andreas Schäfer, ZF Aftermarket

The market itself is very complicated, fragmented and full of garage networks specific only to single country. With ACCESS it is possible to have both the helicopter view or get down to the finer details. Even if you are only interested in your specific, domestic market it is good to know how this market is seen from outside, what is your position from the point of view of foreign competitors or your vendors. It is obvious that Wolk is one of the sources of information for decision makers in this business.

Bogumił Papierniok, Moto-Profil