BrandPower Edge Database:

The BrandPower Edge database by Wolk & Nikolic Aftersales Intelligence is an advanced analytical tool designed to assess and enhance brand performance in the independent automotive aftermarket. It provides brand managers with insights into market positioning, strategies for increasing brand value, and effective communication tactics. The database includes detailed modules on target group analysis, market size, customer behavior, purchase decisions, communication impact, and customer loyalty. Regular updates and expansions to European markets ensure continuous tracking and strategic optimization.

Objective of the Interactive Brand Performance Study:

This innovative study to analyze brand performance in the German aftermarket for filter products was developed to provide brand managers with answers to three fundamental questions:

  • How does my brand currently stand in the market? Determining the current position in the market.
  • How can I increase the long-term value of my brand? Strategies to sustainably increase the value of the brand.
  • Which communication strategy is most effective? Identification of the best communication strategy.

Chapter overview

A comprehensive understanding of brand performance is achieved through the following chapters:

  • Analysis of the target group of independent garages:

    The chapter on the structure and demographics of the target group of independent garages provides information such as garage capacity, number of employees, turnover and membership in garage systems.

  • Market size for filter categories:

    Information is provided on the overall market size for all filter categories (air filters, oil filters, cabin air filters and fuel filters).

  • Customer behavior regarding brand awareness and usage:

    The customer behavior module on brand awareness and usage examines customer interaction with the brand as well as their perceptions and existing patterns of awareness and usage.

  • Purchase decision analysis:

    A purchase decision analysis focuses on the factors that influence customer decisions and evaluates the perception of the brand in relation to these influencing factors.

  • Communication impact:

    The communication impact module examines the importance of communication channels, the effectiveness of the brand’s communication strategies and their influence on customer perceptions.

  • Customer loyalty:

    The customer loyalty investigation analyzes the dynamics of customer loyalty using various metrics such as Net Promoter Score, Net Satisfaction Score and Intention to Make Repeat Purchases.

  • Key performance indicators at a glance:

    A summary overview of key metrics provides a concise summary of the most important metrics and results from the various modules.

  • Expansion to European markets:

    This study will be gradually extended to the six leading European countries to ensure a comprehensive understanding of brand perception in different European markets.

  • Regular two-year cycle per market:

    The research follows a regular two-year cycle per market. This allows brand managers to continuously track changes in brand performance, optimize strategies and flexibly adapt to evolving market dynamics.

  • Use of the business intelligence platform:

    The brand performance study is available on our business intelligence platform, allowing all the interactive benefits of the platform to be utilized, such as the ability to perform detailed analysis depending on the filters set, which can be done conveniently at the click of a mouse.