In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, understanding the dynamics of the service industry is crucial for both businesses and consumers alike. BBE Automotive GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, presents its comprehensive report on the “Service Potential 2023 – Maintenance and Repair of Cars and LCV.” With insights gathered from surveying 7,500 individuals responsible for the maintenance and repair of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the report delves into various aspects of the German automotive service market.

Market Overview:

  • German drivers invested a substantial €22.9 billion (net) in maintenance and necessary repairs last year.
  • Approximately 40,000 garages share this substantial market, highlighting the sheer scale and competitiveness.

Car Service Potential in Germany

Workshop Potential: Where the Business Thrives

  • Independent workshops, unbound by brand loyalty, claim over half of the market share, specializing in older vehicle repairs.
  • Authorized workshops focus on retaining a significant share of younger vehicles, many still under warranty.

Market Stability: A 6% Growth

  • Despite economic fluctuations, the service market remains stable, with a modest 6% growth compared to 2019.
  • The report emphasizes the resilience of the automotive service sector in the face of changing market conditions.

Total costs per vehicle by brand index

Expanding Beyond Repairs: A Holistic Approach

  • The market extends beyond routine maintenance and repairs, encompassing expenses for tyre purchases, rims, seasonal conversions, balancing, storage, and accident repairs.

Regional Service Potential: Tailoring Insights for Your Area

  • BBE Automotive GmbH invites businesses to explore detailed market potential tailored for specific regions.
  • Companies can engage with BBE Automotive GmbH to uncover opportunities and optimize strategies for their local markets.


As German drivers continue to invest significantly in vehicle maintenance and repairs, the automotive service market remains a robust and evolving sector. BBE Automotive GmbH’s detailed analysis offers valuable insights for businesses looking to navigate this competitive landscape. Whether you’re an independent workshop, an authorized service center, or interested in regional service potential, this report serves as a compass for making informed decisions in the dynamic automotive service industry.