The PHE Group (Autodistribution) has expanded its presence in Spain through the acquisition of 88% of AD Egido’s capital via AD Parts Intergroup and its subsidiary Regenauto. AD Egido, a significant player in the San Sebastian region with a 2022 turnover of approximately 12 million Euros, operates seven sites and a repair network of 60 workshops, employing 65 people. The acquisition strengthens PHE Group’s position in Spain, where it has been present since 2019.

Additionally, PHE Group, through AD Parts Intergroup, has acquired 75% of AD Masanes’ capital, located in the provinces of Lerida, Huesca, and Andorra. AD Masanes, a century-old company with 13 sites, achieved a 2022 turnover of 34 million Euros and employs 209 people. This acquisition expands PHE Group’s coverage in the northeast of Spain, reinforcing its major player status in the Spanish market.

The Chairman of the Management Board of PHE, Stéphane Antiglio, sees these acquisitions as strategic steps in the group’s four-year focus on the Spanish market. Josep Bosch Sayols, President of AD Bosch and AD Parts, expresses satisfaction in strengthening ties to support PHE and AD Parts Intergroup’s growth in Spain. Ramon Masanes, President of AD Masanes, looks forward to the company’s growth within an international group driven by development and leadership objectives.