ATR International AG, one of the world’s largest trade cooperations for automotive spare parts, has gained a new shareholder in Southeast Asia. Rimbunan Kuasa Sdn Bhd is headquartered in Puchong, south-east of the capital Kuala Lumpur, and will strengthen the international network from 1 July 2021. Founded in 1996, Rimbunan Kuasa is now one of Malaysia’s top automotive spare parts dealers and specialises in European vehicle brands. “Rimbunan Kuasa is the perfect fit for ATR International AG. It is an owner-run company that focuses on high-quality original spare parts and is committed to service excellence. Rimbunan Kuasa is a highly innovative business that is continuously extending its wide-ranging portfolio and improving the quality of its products and services in this rapidly growing sector,” says Warren Espinoza, CEO of ATR International AG.

Rimbunan Kuasa’s portfolio currently includes over 30 well-known IAM brands, meaning the company can offer its customers top quality at competitive prices. Leader Autoparts Sdn Bhd is also integrated into Rimbunan Kuasa’s ATR membership contract. Consequently, the new ATR shareholder covers the majority of Malaysia’s car park. Rimbunan Kuasa together with Leader Autoparts currently has 12 sales outlets throughout Malaysia, supplying over 4,000 individual customers and garages with automotive spare parts for cars and transport vehicles. “The company is highly successful on its domestic market and offers huge growth potential, which strengthens our position and that of our suppliers on the Malaysian market,” emphasises Espinoza.

ATR 30.06.2021