On July 1, Recambios Joesa, currently in the ranks of CGA, joins the Dipart structure as a new partner. In this way, the group led by Fernando Riesco expands its coverage in Castilla-La Mancha, especially in the provinces of Ciudad Real, Toledo and Cuenca.
Recambios Joesa, a company founded in 1987, has two points of sale in the towns of Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real) and Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo). This good location allows them to reach the provinces of Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo, which means guaranteeing the presence of Dipart in these areas.

From their main warehouse, located in Pedro Muñoz, with more than 1,500 m2 of surface, they supply spare parts for passenger cars and light vehicles in the three provinces thanks to a fleet of 10 own delivery vehicles.

Posventa 17.06.2021