Just four months ago, Recanvis Ribot announced his departure from the Serca group to start a solo journey. At that time, Juan José Rodríguez, the company’s top leader and CIRA president , considered it “better economically to be outside the group” after 12 years of joint experience. Now, however, Ribot’s business returns to Serca after the company has been acquired by Recanvis Penedès, who has also taken control of Auto Recanvis Vallès, located in Sant Cugat.
This purchase represents another step in Recanvis Penedès’s growth strategy, which at the end of last year gave a good account of the opening of three new points of sale in Igualada, Vic and Molins de Rei to consolidate its presence in Catalonia.

Born in 1991 and based in the city of Sabadell, Recanvis Ribot joins Recanvis Penedès to strengthen the company’s presence in a strategic region such as Vallés Occidental. Due to the good harmony between both companies, the purchase operation has been closed in just a few months. The entire team will add to the staff of the purchasing company.

Posventa 17.06.2021