We have just updated our “The European Car Aftermarket Structure” poster with newest facts & figures for 2021. Our research experts have indentified even new connections between the market segments and now those are reflected in the structure too. The new edition of the poster has all the logotypes of relevant market participants updated to current ones. But is the carefully drawn web of interconnections between the segments of aftermarket participants that is the main value of our poster – allowing you to clearly see the structure at a glance.

The poster is printed in A0 format. That is 1189mm wide and 841mm tall. Order online in our shop and we will deliver it to your address. Level up your regular office or turn your home office into more professional working space and let the view of the European Car Aftermarket Structure inspire you. Or take it even a step further with our  a free tip: imagine our poster as a background for your video calls! It could be either on a wall behind you for the camera to see it or you can use PDF version as a virtual background uploaded to your video call app. 

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