Autodistribution (PHE Group), leader in the independent distribution of Automotive and HGV spare parts in France, announces the acquisition, via AD Parts Intergroup, of 75% of the capital of the companies AD Marina (Province of Barcelona) and Regenauto (Communities of Navarre and Rioja).

These two operations thus strengthen the existing partnership between Autodistribution (PHE) and AD Parts within AD Parts Intergroup. These operations are part of the continuation of the Autodistribution (PHE) development plan in the Spanish market and aim to complete its territorial presence in a large and growing market.

AD Marina is one of the major operators in Catalonia and achieved around 27 million Euros in turnover in 2020. In 2021, with the addition of six sites acquired from EUMA Parts, AD Marina is expected to exceed 35 million Euros in turnover. The company’s distribution network is located in the Barcelona region in a territory complementary to AD Bosch’s network. It is made up of 22 points of sale and its workforce comprises around 260 people.

Regenauto, based in Pamplona, ​​serves the provinces of Navarre and Rioja and relies from a distribution network of 6 locations. Regenauto achieved a turnover of approximately 28 million Euros in 2020. The workforce of the company consists of 180 employees.

The historical shareholders retain 25% of the capital of each company and the management teams of the two companies are kept in place.

PHE 20.07.2021