The commercial vehicle parts dealer from North Rhine-Westphalia has filed for insolvency. According to the information, 90 employees are affected.
The Truckpower Group has filed for insolvency. According to a statement, the preliminary insolvency proceedings were ordered by the court last week. The Truckpower Group, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, consists of Truckpower Holding GmbH and its subsidiaries Autoteile Herrmann GmbH, Geueke GmbH and Schmidt Kraftfahrzeug-Industriebedarf GmbH. The spare parts specialists have ten locations in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as in Hesse, employ around 90 people according to their own information and most recently had an annual turnover of 18 million euros.

The wages and salaries of the employees are secured for three months by the insolvency money of the employment agency. “The initiation of insolvency proceedings for the companies of the Truckpower Group was no longer avoidable due to a variety of external influences. The already advanced investor process with a renowned market companion as well as other interested parties and thus the continuation perspective for the operative business as well as the employees shall also be implemented promptly in the insolvency proceedings,” it says.

amz 19.12.2022