The delicate situation that Establiments Coll was going through has culminated in the filing of a bankruptcy and the announcement of an Employment Regulation File (ERE) that will affect almost 300 of its 470 workers . 

The bankruptcy was filed on September 1, the day on which the company informed the workers about the application of the employment regulation file. At the moment, the negotiating table is being established and the staff is waiting for the contest to be approved.

The continuity of the company has been one of the news of the year in the distribution sector. In fact, Josep Gironés, one of the top managers of the company, left the company voluntarily at the beginning of July, which further fueled the debate about its financial situation.

The company based in Vilamalla (Gerona), is one of the largest in Spain by turnover and number of points of sale. Founded 95 years ago, it has 29 establishments in Spain, France and Andorra, as well as a fleet of 250 vehicles.

Posventa 04.09.2020