Garage Concepts in the European Car Aftermarket 2018

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81% of the garages in Europe are IAM garages. 51% of them are specialized in tyres, auto glass, body and paint, fast fitter or other specializations. Mechanical repairers represent the largest part with 49%.

The average IAM garage density in Europe, which describes the number of passenger cars per garage, is 875 cars per garage. Germany has the highest density with more than 1.400 cars per garage followed by France which exceeds 1.200 cars per garage.

The lowest density among the 34 analyzed countries in Europe has Macedonia with around 380 cars per garage. Slovenia and Turkey show slightly above 400 cars per garage. We also see disparities between the regional clusters. While the garage density in Central Europe (DACH, BeNeFrance and UK) is above 1.000 cars per garage, the density in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, the Balkan states and the Baltics does not reach 600 cars per garage.

Appr. 397 garage service concepts (2015) in Europe.
More than 120.000 garages belonging to one of the garage service concepts.
Around 29% of all independent garages belonging to a garage concept.

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