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Car Service Address Database

Automotive Address Database Our automotive address database has currently more than 300.000 addresses of all garages, car dealerships and other automotive businesses in 35 European countries.

The addresses are selectable by countries, zip code areas, by systems/chains/buying groups or by brands.
For detailed information of the address data (eg system/concept membership of a particular choice of addresses) and an individual offer, aligned twith your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should you choose our address database?

All our addresses have been thoroughly researched and have then been subjected to a multi-layered synchronization.
Our extensive Car Aftermarket Europe Database has been serving as a basis for this study. It contains solid knowledge about the structure and the market participants of all automotive after sales markets in Europe.
As a direct result, all our addresses are assigned to the specifically described target groups. In addition, you will be able to overlook the diverse memberships of your potential clients ­whether they are connected to car manufacturers or to any garage-marketing ­system.
Our database will always allow you to select your specific target group carefully and then to reach them individually and without duplicates or unwanted recipients.

Car service addresses in Germany

Werkstatt DE transparent

The addresses of German car service are updated in the period between June 2017 and January 2018.
The database consists of 70,000 addresses which have been assigned to the different target groups and contract types via an elaborate identification process.

We offer a comparison with your CRM data - contact us.
The address data does not contain any personal data.

The data is ideal for analysis purposes. We offer individual solutions on request.

The freshly updated data set of German car repair shops we offer for a special package price of 8.500, - EUR.
For individual selections, the price depends on the total quantity.

Attribute postal_code city phone fax email web
fill rate in % 100% 99% 99% 52% 50% 48%
Count 72.214 72.211 71.660 37.747 36.640 34.705
Missing 0 -3 -554 -34.467 -35.574 -37.509

Please request an example dataset of the German addresses - you will find the total count per target group and the pricing scale.