Nexus Automotive Italia, shareholder member of Nexus Automotive International, announces the entry into the group of the companies GDS Srl and Movidis Srl starting from January 1st 2021 with a press release issued directly by the shareholders’ meeting.

An important development for Nexus Italia which in this way strengthens its presence in Italy.
GDS, acronym of Genei Distribution Service, is a Ligurian company founded at the beginning of the year 2000 for the distribution in Italy of auto parts, in particular in the field of braking systems. Movidis, on the other hand, was born from the union in 2019 of two historic Milanese companies in the distribution of spare parts in the Italian market: Elie Sasson and Favari-Meazza.

Both companies were previously members of Novagroup (Temot).

Notiziario Motoristico 29.12.2020