PRECISIUM is a concept of Alliance Automotive Group France (AAGF), intended for independent wholesalers. On Tuesday afternoon, December 22, PRECISIUM was presented to a select number of wholesalers with a live stream.

One of the first wholesalers to join PRECISIUM is Autowaard, with branches in Heerhugowaard and Schagen. Owner / director Paul Vreeburg says in the PRECISIUM brochure: “We want to do it ourselves, but we cannot do it alone. I don’t want that either, because I want to learn from colleagues with similar challenges. I determine what happens to Autowaard, but I am still part of a larger whole. That seems necessary to me, but certainly also for my customers”.

PRECISIUM will be rolled out further soon. But not all wholesalers can qualify for PRECISIUM. Fred Kamphuis: “We consciously set the bar high and are looking for active entrepreneurs who also see the challenges for the future. Who want to continue to work on the development of their company and want to belong to a high-quality network of like-minded people”.

Alliance Automotive Group Benelux 22.12.2020