Six years after its arrival in France, Nexus Automotive International announces the creation of a structure dedicated to the French market. With Alternative Autoparts, Aniel, Apprau and ID Rechange as shareholders, the entity was further strengthened by the arrival of Exadis among its members.

Present in France since 2014 with ID Rechange, the international trade and buying group (ITG) has just formalized the creation of a fully-fledged subsidiary, whose shareholders are the groups Alternative Autoparts, Aniel, Apprau and ID Rechange .

Under the chairmanship of Philippe Guyot, Nexus Automotive France also has two new members: the Ile-de-France group Mannes and Exadis. The network of logistics platforms jointly owned by Mobivia and Renault (with its group of dealers) joins the ITG, whose positions it significantly consolidates in France.

Nexus Automotive France can now boast of federating more than 330 distribution points, representing more than 2 billion euros in turnover (around 800 million euros for its shareholders alone). This allows the group to claim the status of number three on the market, behind Alliance Automotive Group and Parts Holding Europe.

J2R 23.10.2020