The European multinational distributor of automotive parts Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) has acquired a shareholding in Groupauto Unión Ibérica (GAUIb).

The European distribution company AAG, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), a leading global distributor of spare parts and services in the automotive aftermarket, confirms its interest in the business opportunities that exist in Spain, one of the five largest markets in Europe.

AAG’s agreement with GAUIb stems from a shared vision of the future opportunities and competitive dynamics in the automotive aftermarket. Among them, the fragmentation of both repair work and parts distribution markets has entered a period of consolidation that will reduce the number of players. It also responds to the shared aim of generating competitive, differentiated and sustainable advantages, collaborating in areas of mutual interest, in order to decisively contribute to GAUIb members’ and their clients’ success.

In the words of Juan Carlos Pérez Castellanos, general director of GAUIb “Parts dealers have tremendous opportunities, but also face a variety of challenges that require a very clear strategic vision of what the trends are, undoubtedly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they are going to impact the aftermarket. More importantly, what are the changes and adjustments that need to be made throughout the value chain? The incorporation of Alliance Automotive Group into Group Auto Unión Ibérica will contribute to orient, evolve and successfully align the business model and the value proposition of our members and their clients to the future demands of the aftermarket”.

Franck Baduel, COO of AAG said: “We are delighted with this agreement signed with Groupauto Unión Ibérica. This partnership opens up many new horizons in the development of our two groups. We are particularly pleased with the partnership finalized with the shareholders of GAUIb and the talented management team led by Juan-Carlos Pérez Castellanos.”