The purpose of this operation is to start a growth process that allows GS Spa, financially supported by Bcz Spa and strategically by Telos Group Srl, to become one of the largest national players in the distribution of spare parts to installers.

Bcz Spa : financial and real estate company operating in the automotive sector, it holds stakes in 16 spare parts dealers in northern Italy as well as in Telos Group srl.

Telos Group Srl : a company that arises from the need of spare parts dealers to increase the performance and services to the workshops primarily at the product level but above all at the IT-management level, increasing the
partnership with the best workshops that represent the cornerstone of our market and final link in
our distribution chain.

GS Spa: is active in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria. Bosch dealer, has been distributing spare parts and services to workshops for over 45 years, managing a network of over 150 installers between Bosch Car Service, Autocrew and Punto Pro. It is characterized on the market by its logistical capacity in guaranteeing a punctual and efficient delivery of quality spare parts, to which it adds equipment of leading brands and training and assistance services that satisfy any need of the car repairer. GS Spa is member of GROUPAUTO Italy.

Partsweb 29.10.2020