LKQ Benelux-France has launched its newest garage formula AUTOGLOBE during the Dealerholding Event of AUMACON that took place today in Amsterdam. In addition, AUTOGLOBE focuses entirely on dealer holdings, with which LKQ responds to the growing need to maintain and increase their market share in the aftermarket.

Garage concept tailored to the car brand

 The umbrella name is “AUTOGLOBE”  for the new garage formula of LKQ Benelux-France and consists of 3 sub-concepts that focus on different parts of the aftermarket:

• AUTOWELT focuses on premium and exclusive brands
• AUTOMONDE, on the other hand, focuses on the European volume brands
• For Asian brands, including emerging market participants, AUTO ORIENT will serve as the designated label.

Based on the brands that a dealer holding carries, chooses the sub-concept that best meets its needs. In this way builds on its specialism to serve a wider part of the market. With the three concepts within AUTOGLOBE, LKQ Benelux-France is launching a new formula on the market. It builds on and reinforces the strong reputation already built up by the dealer holdings in the region.

Vishal Durgaram, Director at LKQ Benelux-France, confirms that more dealer holding companies want to join universal garage concepts.  So, the wish is that all locations within the dealer holding company can carry the same label, which is not possible today, given the current spread of garage concepts. Another challenge is that operating older cars and foreign brands does not fit into existing business processes. And that the necessary knowledge, data and equipment are often lacking. Furthermore, the needs and expectations regarding marketing and support are also different at dealer holding companies than at a single-point universal car company.”

Technical and marketing support

Moreover, the AUTOGLOBE concepts offer marketing and technical support, as well as access to universal data and equipment. Lease Service Partner also provides access to controlled lease work. From September the first AUTOGLOBE partners will go live. AUTOGLOBE will be available for dealer holdings in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.