The established company Veho Bil AB has positioned itself as the Nordic region’s largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz. Now they enter into an agreement with KG Knutsson AB, with the aim of streamlining operations by scaling down the number of suppliers with the help of KGK’s broad product catalogue. This collaboration aims to optimize operations by consolidating suppliers through the extensive product catalogue offered by KGK. As a result, KGK will become the primary supplier of materials and equipment to Veho Bil’s nine facilities across Sweden.

With a strengthened and closer relationship with KGK, Veho Bil can maintain the high and professional level of service they promise to customers, while at the same time they can cut down on the number of suppliers by using KGK’s broad product catalog for several different areas of need such as spare parts, consumables, workshop equipment and other workshop items.

Both are family-owned companies that cherishes good contact with suppliers and good development opportunities for both parties. The agreement with KGK enables Veho Bil to collaborate with a supplier committed to long-term, sustainable engagement, effectively addressing both major and minor issues that may arise. This strategic partnership between Veho Bil and KGK exemplifies their shared vision of maintaining high service standards while optimizing efficiency through a consolidated supply network. By relying on KGK’s broad range of offerings and establishing a close-knit partnership, Veho Bil can continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences, further enhancing its market-leading position in the Nordic region.