The national trade and buying Group G6 AUTOPARTS becomes part of Novagroup. The entry of the NTG of spare parts dealers into Novagroup, starting from 1 September 2020, marks an important step for the group that was born last year from the union of six important spare parts dealers operating in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli, Umbria, Tuscany, Marche , Abruzzo and Molise: DECA and Lariolux of Como, Record Ricambi of Brescia, Cravedi of Treviso, Friuli Auto Parts of Udine and Palmerini Autoricambi of Perugia.

The group of 6 spare parts dealers – united by the same vision of the market and the same entrepreneurial spirit, as well as by a homogeneity from the point of view of the business model, services and market positioning – field a total turnover of about 80 million euro, with 20 branches in the area and a range of products that covers both auto parts (including bodywork) and industrial vehicles, as well as equipment, diagnostics, tires. Added to this is the entire service side, including training and technical assistance. Overall, the group has over 30,000 square meters of warehouse.

Novagroup is shareholder of the international trade and buying group TEMOT International Autoparts GmbH.

Partsweb 30.09.2020