By acquiring the Nancy platform PLVL, which has a regional strike force, and renaming it PAP Est, the IDLP group is finally enabling the Alternative Autoparts group to gain a foothold in the Grand Est with a storage area of ​​more than 2,000 m².

Since the birth of Alternative Autoparts in 2016, the distribution group born from the initiative of the IDLP and Atac Pièces Auto groups had never succeeded in gaining a foothold in the Grand Est region other than with a few scattered distributors and technical relays. 

But by taking over the Nancy platform PLVL, which will soon be renamed PAP East on the model of the already existing PAP, PAP West and PAP South but which will continue to associate the commercial name PLVL with it, IDLP has just changed the situation. And offers Alternative Autoparts a centralized stock in the Grand Est region. The PLVL company, created in 1985 by the Bussière family, employs six people and has a storage area of ​​some 2,000 m², for a turnover of around 500,000 euros.

Apres-Vente Auto 30.09.2020