Have you ever wanted to get a better idea of the auto parts e-commerce channel? Are you wondering which of the various auto parts web shops belong to which company and in which countries they operate and in which marketplaces they are present?

Wolk after sales experts has investigated these and other questions about the online channel.


Content of the new e-commerce channel module

Online auto parts retail is undoubtedly a winner from the covid crisis and has also seen great growth. Recently, voices have become louder predicting that online retailing will stagnate, as it mainly caters to DIY needs, which have their limits and tend to decline against the backdrop of increasing vehicle complexity. As long as online retail cannot expand its share in the B2B sector of car repair shops, this will be the case. The current growth drivers are internationalization and the expansion of the product range. In the countries of Eastern European, the online players very often have mostly smaller pick-up stations, which increasingly leads to stronger competition in the traditional B2B trade with independent workshops.

The After Sales ACCESS database is known for its listing of all relevant car parts dealers in Europe. In addition to the previous information, the database has now been expanded to include an overview of the most important companies in the e-commerce channel.

It currently lists a total of 507 car parts and tire retailers in over 37 European countries. These are represented on the net with 1081 web shops. The database is constantly being expanded and updated, so you can always keep an eye on which new players are appearing on the market.

The individual companies are classified according to a traffic score. This rates the companies based on the number of visits to their website. This allows you to assess and compare the reach or popularity of each website.

Number webshops of E-Commerce car parts trader
How many different web shops does the car parts dealer operate in total?


The e-commerce channel in Europe is dominated by Autodoc

Measured by visibility on the Internet, Autodoc GmbH clearly dominates. Of the total of more than 1000 web shops examined, 269 belong to Autodoc. The websites are spread over a total of 27 different countries. No other company goes to nearly as much trouble to be represented in as many countries as possible. Autodoc ranks very well in the top 10 Google suggestions for common searches involving multiple web shops. The inexperienced shopper initially assumes a wide range of different suppliers, but the order then ends up in the same logistics center in Berlin.

Russia occupies a similarly dominant position compared to other countries. Russian car parts webshops generate by far the most traffic. The number of webshops with a measurable flow of visitors is also significantly higher here.

Great Britain is in second place, followed by France. Germany is in fourth place. Spain and Italy follow at a greater distance and have only a few national players among the top online retailers.

where do the car parts trading companies operate a webshop
In how many countries do online auto parts retailers operate one or more webshops?

Sales channel Marketplaces (Ebay and Amazon)

The marketplaces Ebay and Amazon are also taken into account. It is listed with which accounts the companies are represented on these marketplaces. In the future, more marketplaces will be added, as many countries have their own marketplaces that are more relevant on a local level than the two online giants Ebay and Amazon.

The Ebay channel still seems to be the more important of the two marketplaces. 111 of the 507 companies observed that have their own web store have one or more Ebay accounts, while only 25 companies have an Amazon account.

Of course, significantly more companies are active on Ebay and Amazon. In Germany alone, the number of Ebay accounts is around 14,000.

We have identified the Ebay accounts with the highest turnover (in the auto parts category) and assigned them to the respective companies for which detailed insights are available. For 288 companies, you can see which sales are generated per account with which products in the respective product categories. With just a few clicks, you can see which are the relevant companies for each product category. Parts manufacturers can see how strongly their brands compete with others and at what prices their products are offered on Ebay.


Comparison portals for car services

In addition to online auto parts retailers, auto repair portals around the world are also listed. Again, a look at the visitor numbers helps to gage the reach and acceptance among motorists. It is clear to see that the use of comparison portals for car services is significantly more popular in the USA and Great Britain than in Germany.

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