The Acquisition of Multispares Strengthens TEMOT International’s Market Presence in Australia and New Zealand

The International Trading Group Aftermarket TEMOT International continues to grow:With Multispares, the network has recently won the most important distributor in Australia and New Zealand as new Shareholder. Multispares serves more than 20,000 customers and is growing faster than any other distributor in the domestic market. The Multispares Limited and Multispares NZ Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Supply Network Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SNL”. It acts as a pure trading company, Supply Network as a holding company. It looks back on decades of experience: Since its opening in 1976, the company has specialized in spare parts and technological solutions for commercial vehicles weighing fourtons and more, in particular buses and trucks from American, European and Japanese makes.

The full-line distributor’s catalogue features approximately 60,000 active part numbers covering one million vehicle applications. The company works with all internationally renowned suppliers in the CV segment.

Extensive Expansion and Efficient Operations Showcase TEMOT Shareholder’s Remarkable Growth and Operational Excellence

The recently established TEMOT Shareholder has expanded its operations significantly, now overseeing a vast network of 20 offices spread across five out of the six states in Australia. Additionally, the company has expanded its reach across the Tasman Sea, with an additional five offices established in New Zealand. The company’s continuous growth is exemplified not only by its extensive office network but also by its workforce, which currently consists of approximately 420 highly skilled and dedicated individuals. One of the most impressive aspects of the TEMOT Shareholder’s operations lies within its sales and shipping organization, which adeptly manages an astonishing volume of 3,600 orders on a daily basis. These orders encompass an extensive range of automotive items, totaling around 15,000 items per day.

To further enhance its service quality, the TEMOT Shareholder maintains its own fleet of 70 delivery vehicles. These vehicles form a well-coordinated logistical network, allowing for swift and efficient delivery of orders to customers throughout the entire country.