AGR, a company owned jointly by Andel and Grupauto, is already part of an international group. It does so in Nexus through IDAP, where Serca, ASER, Holy-Auto and URVI are also integrated. An Iberian group that now adds 750 million euros.

In January AGR (a company jointly owned by Andel and Grupauto) announced its entry into ATR. They would do so through the incorporation of Auto Plus, the Bulgarian partner of the international group, into the AGR shareholding. However, in March they announced that the ATR Supervisory Board did not approve it and therefore they had to look for other options.

The one to enter Nexus through IDAP had already been explored. Before the end of last year, the heads of both entities had held talks. But at that time AGR and Auto Plus (and with it its entry into ATR) was advanced … With the number of ATR in March, a path was opened that both parties have not hesitated to explore, AGR already being a full partner in Nexus.

In purely commercial terms, Serca explains in a note, “AGR will add its consumption to the IDAP figure in Nexus Automotive International and will benefit from the agreements with the International Group’s suppliers, in the same way that the current members of IDAP do”.

AUTOPOS 29.03.2021