Groupauto Polska sp z o. O. is pleased to announce that a membership agreement has just been signed with the joint stock company Handlopex. The contract comes into force on April 1, 2021.

Handlopex SA, with a turnover of around EUR 180 million, with eighteen branches with a total warehouse space of over 90,000 sq m, a team of over 650 people and annual tire sales of over 3 million units, is one of the largest European distributors in this segment.

By building the cooperation of tire operators and other spare parts within Groupauto Polska, we want to use the synergy of both distribution channels and services, logistic potential, strengthen workshop concepts and open new sales opportunities for producers and suppliers cooperating with us.

It is also a step towards the challenges of the upcoming transformation of the car market and the future EV aftermarket, in which, in addition to batteries, an important part of vehicle maintenance and repair will be concentrated in the area of ​​wheels and tires.

Groupauto Polska 22.03.2021