The 2nd Independent Aftermarket Conference for South East Europe, focused on the Industry Members will take place on 26th of March in Belgrade Crowne Plaza Hotel.
South East Europe has experienced significant changes over recent years. Therefore it is now the assignment, task and duty to provide quality information and sector knowledge on international and national federations and trade groups, especially focusing on the encouragement of regional networking and cooperation.
The main topics to be discussed in the conference are to develop independent automotive aftermarket, to stimulate regional industry support and protection of IAM rights, and to create more stable cooperative environment for future advancements.
Mr Nikolic will present the helicopter view on the aftermarket in SEE, likes and dislikes in the local aftermarkets and the benchmark comparison to the selected regions in Europe.
This year’s event, created especially for Industry Members, will take place during the Belgrade Car Show, and it offers a possibility to visit this event, with the tradition tracing back to over 50 years.