Wolk after sales experts, the newest member of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), was present on APRA´s European exhibition & symposium in Milano Marittima on Italy´s coast between Ravenna and Rimini.
From May, 21st to 23th, we had the chance to follow a number of presentations and get in contact with important reman market players during the exhibition, the workshops and evening networking activities.
We had the chance to inform the market players together with our partners APRA, FIRM, CLEPA and ReMaTec news about our qualitative Reman Survey for the European market.
The study, promoted on the ReMaTec fair in Amsterdam in 2013 and the APRA exhibition & symposium in Rimini in 2014, will analyze the market potential of the main reman product groups in selected European countries and highlight recent and prospective reman trends up to 2020. Market calculations, conclusions for the market participants and the definition of the key success factors for the aftermarket business within all relevant target groups will be the highlights of this survey. Beside a pragmatic approach via car park data and reman car parts calculations it´s our aim to support the market players with a representative and qualitative field research.
For more information please contact Mr. Jörg Meding, Joerg.meding@wolk-aftersales.de, +49 (0)2204 8425-34