A new big player in spare parts distribution, with a turnover of over 1.6 billion euros, enters Italy with a branch in Bolzano. The German distributor Wessels+Müller (WM SE), the founder of “global one automotive”, is coming.

The Italian peninsula proves to be increasingly attractive and attractive for large spare parts distribution groups, who see our country as an ideal terrain for the development of their projects. Mergers, acquisitions and the birth of new realities have in fact characterized the last few years with the big players who with their maneuvers have contributed to changing the balance, giving a new structure to the market.

Among those who saw a new opportunity for development and growth in Italy today there would also be the German distributor Wessels+Müller (WM SE) , which from the news circulating on the market, seems to be opening a branch in our country soon.
In fact, the company has confirmed to us that it has chosen Bolzano to open its first Italian headquarters, without however issuing further declarations regarding the development plan.

The German distributor has already made the Italian website operational as WM Autoricambi and the new branch, which will be led by Michael Larch, will therefore join the other 200 points of sale in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the United States.

Notiziario Motoristico 20.01.2023