Car Aftermarket in China 2019

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This report offers readers a practical guide in understanding the situation and characteristics of the Chinese Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAAM).
It is intended to show the connections between global political as well as economical megatrends and the IAAM. It explores the current state of the Chinese economy and highlights the significance of the Chinese policy directives Made in China 2025 and One Belt One Road and their impacts on the IAAM.

Backed by key vehicle data, this report presents the Chinese Independent Aftermarket and its most relevant players. It outlines the various garage concepts existing in China and lists out the most important actors in the various market segments.

The distribution landscape is also covered, describing the unique features of the garage marketing systems present in China, while focusing on the significance of e-commerce for both the workshops and distributors.

These overviews and categorizations are followed by detailed company profiles including figures and descriptive information for each player.

Intermediates such as insurance companies, mobility concepts, car rentals and other relevant actors are part of the presentation, too. At the end, we show trends of the Chinese AAM and take into account how the market is directed to develop by the national policymakers in the near future.

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