The Chinese Car Aftermarket Structure 2020

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"The Chinese Car Aftermarket Structure 2020"

The structure of Chinese car aftermarket differs indeed from European or North American ones. Not only because it is more recent development as compared to decades-long tradition of Europe and NAFTA, but also Chinese tech giants like Alibaba are already part of the Aftermarket unlike GAFA (Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon) in the West. Even on the OES side the approach is quite different in China.

We did our best to disentangle the web of multilateral connections of the Chinese car aftermarket in the form of simple poster (available both as PDF file and a hardcopy) that might inspire you to look for new business opportunity in China or to streamline your operation already established there.

The poster shows relations between parts and vehicle manufacturers on one side and International Trading Groups, IAM distributors, online plartforms on the other one through intermediates such as mobility concepts and insurers to both IAM and OES garages.

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