Recent market data as a basis for strategies for the reman industry
The European aftermarket for car components is facing immense challenges. In this market remanufactured parts will have strong market relevance in the next years.
Company wolk after sales experts intents to analyze the growing market of reman products with an European market expertise.

Helmut Wolk, CEO of company wolk after sales experts observes a clear demand by the parts manufacturer for intensified reman activities in the aftermarket.
Activating factors are increasing achievements by remanufacturers, the growing margin pressure within new parts and requests by the European commission for a better life-cycle process and ecology in the aftermarket for car parts.

Reman aftermarket 2015 – Development in Europe
The study will analyze the market potential of the main reman product groups in the most important European reman markets and highlight recent and prospective reman trends up to 2015. In addition, country characteristics and the different market relevance of the independent (IAM) and the linked (OES) aftersales market will be highlighted.

The project design includes Focus groups with garages, telephone and expert interviews with garages, distributors and remanufacturers in five pre-selected countries (e.g. UK, Italy, France, Poland, The Netherlands). The country reports will include market calculations, conclusions for the market participants and the definition of key success factors for the aftermarket business.

Due to the considerable financial efforts for such a study wolk after sales experts is looking for interested industry partners to invest in this project. These financiers will get the detailed results; a re-financing by selling the report to other interested companies is possible and has to be calculated.

Please contact us and arrange an appointment at the ReMaTec 2013 in Amsterdam.
On the occasion of the ReMaTec trade show from 16.-18.6.2013 in Amsterdam consulters from wolk after sales experts will inform about the project design, contents and financing models of the planned REMAN Report Europe.
In-depth-discussions can be executed on the booth 11.424A of company wolk after sales experts.

Contact persons are:
Jörg Meding,
Zoran Nikolic,
René Herrmann 
Helmut Wolk

Supporting cooperation partners of this multi-client-study are the following international automotive remanufacturing associations: APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), FIRM (International Federation of Engine Rermanufacturers and Rebuilders), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and show-organizer ReMaTec.