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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 12:01

European aftermarket just one click away

Wolk After Sales Experts proudly presents AFTER SALES ACCESS online database. It’s a brand new tool for aftermarket operators featuring new possibilities of utilising Wolk’s unique database. It was premiered on Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. 

While the content of the database has been available in form of reports in PDF files, printed handbooks or Microsoft Access database before, AFTER SALES ACCESS brings it on a whole new level. “Instead of flipping through PDF or working with Access file, AFTER SALES ACCESS can be viewed in web browser using modern UI to showcase the data. It is not only easier, more user friendly, but also faster”, said Antti Wolk, Managing Director of Wolk After Sales Experts.

AFTER SALES ACCESS contains data from 35 European markets (including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey), featuring detailed profiles of over 5000 companies of which more than 3900 are independent aftermarket distributor. “As per rule, we rely on official data regarding turnover that is checked and double checked. We prefer verified numbers from two years ago over more recent unverified numbers mentioned by company representatives in conversations with our analysts”, explained Zoran Nikolic, Managing Director of Wolk After Sales Experts.

There are 3 main modules available in AFTER SALES ACCESS:
  • Distribution Overview (sales volume, number of branches, number of employees, ownership structure, ITG/NTG affiliation, workshop concepts, contact details), including Trade & Buying Groups (up to date picture of members allows the user to be on top of mergers and acquisitions)
  • Garage Structures (number of workshops by type in 35 countries, subdivided into branded/independent/tyre specialists/glass specialists/paint specialists plus the overview of garage concepts)
  • Aftermarket Volumes (IAM/OES split, 10 product groups: assemblies, electric/electronics, body parts/lighting, paint, mechanical replacement parts, oil/lubricants, accessories, car glass, other chemicals, tyres)

Each of modules comes also with the Vehicle Data (new registrations, average age, average annual mileage) – powered by TecAlliance. AFTER SALES ACCESS is available on the basis of year-long licence, with discount option for clients buying three year licence. The client can choose between getting access to modules separately or whole database. Price is calculated on the basis of number of countries covered – from single one to all 35 available.

Among the early adopters of AFTER SALES ACCESS are both vehicle manufactures and independent aftermarket operators. “Whether in marketing or sales – in form of a database or as an always available reference the report gives us insights into the markets and supports us with many important structural data in strategic planning and business development”, said Andreas Schäfer, Head of Market & Business Planning at ZF Aftermarket. “The market itself is very complicated, fragmented and full of garage networks specific only to single country. With ACCESS it is possible to have both the helicopter view or get down to the finer details. Even if you are only interested in your specific, domestic market it is good to know how this market is seen from outside, what is your position from the point of view of foreign competitors or your vendors. It is obvious that Wolk is one of the sources of information for decision makers in this business”, added Bogumił Papierniok, Vice President of the Board and Managing Director of Moto-Profil, the second biggest independent car parts distributor in Poland.

Regular customers of Wolk After Sales Experts may take notice that since 2018 the well-known Car Aftermarket Reports in the form of PDF files or printed handbooks will be available only for 5 biggest markets in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom). “Instead of designing a separate handbook for each of 35 European countries released each year around November, we can update information in AFTER SALESS ACCESS in real time as our research team has it re-checked and verified. Therefore we strongly encourage our customers to transition to AFTER SALES ACCESS”, said Antti Wolk.

Full information about AFTER SALES ACCESS is available at dedicated website - access.wolk-aftersales.com. A special demo online session can be arranged.
Last modified on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 14:19