The iconic “Who is Who” wall-sized poster by Wolk After Sales Experts is back with its 2018 edition.

The poster provides a bullet point style overview of 34 biggest European aftermarket parts distributors, showing their involvement in both International Trade Groups (ITGs) and National Trading Groups (NTGs). There’s also latest available data TOP10 European distributors: turnover, employment, outlets and number of countries mentioned distributors are active in.

In its printed form – A0 format, 1189x841mm – the poster allows you to transform your conference room into proper business war room. For a car parts distributor it’s a map of the fierce competition on the market, while from the point of view of car parts producer it’s a roadmap for best possible distribution network. “With recent mergers and acquisitions on the European automotive parts distribution market, the 2018 edition of the poster is a must have if you want to keep up with the market dynamics”, said Sebastian Heitfeld, Heat of Marketing and Sales at German-based Wolk After Sales Experts.

The “Who is Who of the European IAM Car Parts Distribution 2018” can be ordered directly from Wolk’s webshop.