Uni-Select Inc, the parent company of GSF Car Parts and The Parts Alliance, announced its acquisition by LKQ Corporation.

Uni-Select Inc, the esteemed parent company overseeing the operations of GSF Car Parts and The Parts Alliance, has recently made a groundbreaking announcement regarding its acquisition by the renowned LKQ Corporation. As a result of this acquisition, Uni-Select and its daughter company will continue to function as independent entities until the finalization of the transaction. In light of forthcoming regulatory measures, LKQ will initiate a meticulous divestment process specifically tailored for GSF Car Parts. Consequently, GSF’s operations will remain completely distinct from those of LKQ, while also benefiting from the unwavering support of Uni-Select until the divestment process reaches completion.

Uni-Select’s esteemed Executive Chair and CEO, Brian McManus, expressed deep appreciation for the exceptional contributions made by the dedicated GSF team, which have proven instrumental in propelling the success and significant growth of Uni-Select since 2017. Recognizing the passion, commitment, and unwavering quality consistently demonstrated by the remarkable colleagues at GSF, Uni-Select vows to provide unwavering assistance throughout the divestment process, ensuring the team’s continued progress and prosperity.

Optimism and Commitment Amidst Divestment Process

GSF Car Parts President and COO Sukhbir Kapoor said: “We are a strong and healthy business, optimistic about the eventual outcome of the divestment process, given the strength and the talent of our 2,500 people across the UK. “There is no material change to the day-to-day business because of Uni-Select’s announcement, so our network of 180 branches and our growing online retail service remains open for business as usual.

Embracing a New Era: Uni-Select, GSF Car Parts, and The Parts Alliance Navigate Automotive Aftermarket Landscape

“Everyone at GSF Car Parts remains committed to driving value and delivering the excellent service to our customers on which the business has built its strong reputation.” This significant development signals a new era for Uni-Select, GSF Car Parts, and The Parts Alliance, as they navigate the intricate landscape of the automotive aftermarket industry. The acquisition by LKQ Corporation opens up unprecedented opportunities for growth and progress, fostering a robust and dynamic environment for all entities involved. As Uni-Select and GSF Car Parts prepare for the future, they remain dedicated to serving their customers with unparalleled expertise, ensuring that their commitments to quality and service excellence remain unwavering.