As of April 1, 2022, Grupo Master, headquartered in Guatemala City, will become a new shareholder of ATR International AG, one of the world’s largest trade cooperation for automotive spare parts. The renowned company is one of the leading automotive parts distributors in Guatemala with a large network of stores and sales outlets. “Grupo Master is a very dynamic, innovative, customer- and service-oriented company in a fast-growing market that fits perfectly into our network. I am very pleased that with Grupo Master we can strengthen our own and the position of our suppliers in Central America,” says Warren Espinoza, Chief Executive Officer of ATR International AG.
Grupo Master was founded in 1956 and today employs around 280 people. Its two key business areas in terms of sales are wholesale and retail of high-quality automotive spare parts and power tools. Grupo Master has 27 of its own Master Auto sales stores in the metropolitan region of Guatemala City with 9,000 customers per month, but also supplies its 1,400 wholesale customers nationwide. Future activities will focus on expanding logistics in order to strengthen the company’s presence in the highly fragmented market outside Guatemala City. Improving customer satisfaction, investing in innovative solutions, expanding the product range and the digital transformation also are important strategic goals of the company.