Wholesale group Broekhuizen (with ten branches active in West and Central Brabant) will take over fellow wholesaler Tinnemans (with five branches in Brabant and North Limburg) as of April 1, exactly ten years after Broekhuizen took over car materials wholesaler Van Breemen in the Brabant region. .

Like Tinnemans, Broekhuizen is affiliated with Vrooam, the largest partnership of independent car material wholesalers in our country. Dirk Noppen, director of Broekhuizen: “In the world of parts distribution, scale has become important, even necessary. With the changing and increasingly complex aftermarket in mind – for example electrification – we as parts wholesalers are faced with major investments. Increasing our regional footprint allows us to use our investments more efficiently. As a result, our services to our customers, the local car companies, can be further strengthened.”

Service provider
Dirk Noppen continues: “In addition to our core business, having a wide and deep range of parts available, we have also increasingly become a service provider. Think, for example, of support through a number of workshop concepts. It is important that we are both family businesses that are close to the customer. In any case, that is something that we will always honor despite the increase in scale.”

Aftersales Magazine 23.03.2022