The parts distributor initially focuses on the network of wholesalers, in order to get the garage concept back on the ground with them.

Parts supplier Doyen will reintroduce the AD wholesaler and garage concept on the Dutch market. On September 22, the concept was presented to the API network, Doyen’s wholesale partners. “The vast majority have verbally agreed to make the switch to the AD concept,” Doyen reports in a press release. How many of the current Requal companies (Doyen’s garage formula) will switch to AD is not yet known. 

Autodistribution Nederland focuses primarily on the independent wholesaler in the Netherlands, says Kees Willemsen, sales director Autodistribution Nederland. The offer covers three garage concepts: Garage AD Expert, Garage AD and TechExpert. 

In Belgium, the roll-out of the formula had already started earlier, after the trademark rights had been  taken over from Partspoint. Since Partspoint has been  part of the Alliance Automotive Group, ties with Autodistribution International have been severed. Doyen, part of Parts Holding Europe (which owns Autodistribution), is now reintroducing the AD formula in the Netherlands.

Automotive Management 08.10.2020