Parts distributor Doyen Auto Nederland continues as Autodistribution Nederland. Autodistribution Nederland will remain part of Doyen Auto Corporate.

Last year, Doyen Auto reintroduced the AD wholesaler and garage concept to the Dutch market . “It is a logical step to also adapt Doyen Auto Nederland to Autodistribution Nederland”, says Kees Willemsen, sales director of Autodistribution Nederland.

“With an unambiguous name and image, we show that we are one team as a distributor, wholesaler and garage. As a team we are recognizable at home and abroad and we work together with a focus on growth ”, says Willemsen.

In Belgium, the roll-out of the formula had already started earlier, after the trademark rights had been taken over from Partspoint . Since Partspoint has been part of the Alliance Automotive Group , ties with Autodistribution International have been severed. Doyen is part of Parts Holding Europe (which owns Autodistribution).

Automotive Management 08.04.2021