WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS, the leading consulting network specialized in the European independent aftermarket, launched in 2015 a cooperation with AUTOSTAT, the leading Russian agency with the focus on automotive market.

Both companies offer diverse services which complement one another and enable an ideal choice for all clients who are interested in the independent automotive aftermarket, especially market analysis, detailed reports as well as strategy workshops. Above all, WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS and AUTOSTAT are reliable providers of the car park data and address databases.

This cooperation is an enrichment for both partners and their customers, who can benefit from this collaboration. So WOLK´s clients are able to purchase AUTOSTAT’s reports about the Russian market trouble-free and comfortable from WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS. The principal purpose of this cooperation is to make the access to the data and information on Russian automotive market easier for the European customers. Sourcing reliable information in a changing aftermarket is an important factor of success and consequently indispensable. Primarily the international companies have been looking for new solutions and perspectives in the market to be successful in the face of the competition. WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS in collaboration with AUTOSTAT provides essential expertise and support.

„To prepare for the future, we have been continuously extending our European network. Due to this cooperation of two strong partners the demand on the data about the Russian market can be covered completely”, explained Liubov Tienar from WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS who supervises this cooperation.

WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS is a neutral information and consulting service network specialized in the automotive after sales market in Europe. We develop forward-looking strategies and concepts for automotive after sales clients based on a unique aftermarket database.

Since 2006 AUTOSTAT analytic agency has been doing researches and publishing marketing reports on various segments of the automotive market in Russia. The major areas of research are production, passenger car and commercial vehicle park and market, spare part and automotive component market, as well as associated markets.

Planned activities in 2016:
Reports from WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS appearing in 2016:
„Car aftermarket report 2016“: date of appearance March 2016, price for the European report (35 countries) 15,000 EUR; price for the country reports 1,000 – 1,500 EUR depending on country.
Ukraine is presented this time with the recent figures and information about major market players.

Poster “German IAM parts distribution 2016” is already available, price 85 (120) EUR

Automechanika 2016:
WOLK AFTER SALES EXPERTS will attend Automechanika 2016 from 13.09.2016 to 17.09.2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Gemany

Reports from AUTOSTAT in English appearing in 2016:
“Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results, Trends and Prospects”: already available, price 800 EUR
«Market of Car Service in Russia-2016»: date of appearance 28.03.16, price 1,000 EUR
“Passenger Car Market in Russia. Results, Trends and Prospects”: date of appearance 22.03.2016, price 560 EUR
“Automotive Industry in Russia. Results, Prospects “: date of appearance 29.04.2016, price 960 EUR
The reference book “Automotive market in Russia – 2016”: date of appearance 27.05.2016, price 1,320 EUR

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