CATI joins the GROUPAUTO ITALIA trade and buying group by January 1, 2022.
32 companies belonging to CATI spa will be part of the GROUPAUTO project, which is expanding its already excellent coverage of the national territory and guaranteeing the development of the main programs promoted by the organization.

CATI, founded in 1946, has consolidated its position in the Italian IAM thanks to a territorial coverage strategy that allows it to present itself as a point of reference for producers and spare parts dealers.
Logistics based on 7 warehouses connected with night shuttles, prestigious distributed brands, technical and marketing services to support spare parts dealers, the attention with which the team of 33 agents and Area Sales Managers takes care of the relationship with customers, are the distinctive features of this company.
The entry of Cati represents a further development of GROUPAUTO’s growth strategy for the consolidation of its presence on the territory. An added value that also strengthens the prestige and strength of the organization at an international level.

Groupauto Italia 18.11.2021