The Portuguese partner of AD Parts Autozitânia has just announced that it will acquire Bragalis, who until now is part of Serca. The operation will be made official as of January 1, 2021.

According to them, despite the fact that Autozitânia and Bragalis remain independent, the acquisition will provide “high commercial synergies”, complementing the offer to its clients at all levels, in addition to expanding the geographical scope, allowing an increase in the level of service provided. And it is that after this acquisition, Autozitânia will have 12 logistics platforms throughout the country.

And as an example of the above, the distribution group invites you to look at their figures together: “Autozitânia and Bragalis presented a turnover of more than 52 million euros in 2019, serving more than 800 customers and having more than 150 employees total”.

Autopos 14.12.2020