Although Swiss Automotive Group CZ sro entered the Czech spare parts market at the beginning of 2021 as an independent trademark, SAG will fully introduce itself from January 2022, when it will completely replace the APM Automotive and Stahlgruber CZ brands used so far.

However, the gradual change in the appearance of the stores and the vehicle fleet of both merged brands was started already during the autumn and is slowly culminating in this pre-Christmas time. The new modern design with the distinctive blue-black SAG logo can be seen by customers more and more often.

The so-called rebranding is a very demanding process, not only in view of the high financial costs. Above all, it is crucial to plan everything carefully so that the operation of individual stores and regular deliveries of goods are not affected. And in the case of a change in the appearance of forty branches, more than four hundred cars and delivery cars and the clothing of about 700 employees, this really represents a lot of planning. And at the same time, it is also necessary to introduce a new brand, which has a very traditional basis.

In the Czech market, it uses the experience of two established distributors and their combined sales team and store network. Within Europe, the Swiss Automotive Group is one of the largest players in the field of automotive repairs and spare parts distribution, covering dozens of different brands in a total of twelve countries, including Switzerland, Austria and Germany. 13.12.2021,apm-automotive-a-stahlgruber-cz-se-meni-na-sag-cz