Expansion Beyond Buying Group Networks: Alliance Automotive Group’s Recent Acquisition

Alliance Automotive Group, a leading player in the automotive industry, has recently completed the strategic acquisition of two motor factor businesses, namely Direct Auto Parts Ltd (DAP) and Car Parts Warehouse Ltd (CPW). In addition, this acquisition marks an important milestone for Alliance Automotive Group, as it expands its reach beyond its own buying group networks.

Direct Auto Parts: A Strong Presence in Barking and the PDP Buying Group

Direct Auto Parts, situated in Barking, operates as a single branch Light Vehicle business. With impressive sales of approximately £2.6 million and a dedicated team of 13 employees, this well-established company is already a member of the renowned  PDP buying group. Moreover, by acquiring Direct Auto Parts, Alliance Automotive Group strengthens its presence in the region and gains access to an extensive customer base.

Car Parts Warehouse: An Independent Asset in Galway, Republic of Ireland

Another notable addition to Alliance Automotive Group’s portfolio is Car Parts Warehouse. Furthermore, this single branch Light Vehicle business operates in Galway, Republic of Ireland. With sales amounting to around €1.7 million and a workforce of 7 employees, Car Parts Warehouse stands as an independent factor and accessory retailer. ar Parts Warehouse, unlike Direct Auto Parts, does not have any affiliation with any trading group, which makes it a unique asset for Alliance Automotive Group.

Enhancing Market Position and Customer Offerings: Alliance Automotive Group’s Strategic Move

By acquiring these two motor factor businesses, Alliance Automotive Group aims to further enhance its market position and expand its offerings to customers. Additionally, the strategic move allows the company to tap into new geographical locations and leverage the existing customer base of Direct Auto Parts and Car Parts Warehouse. Above all, this expansion aligns with Alliance Automotive Group’s vision of providing comprehensive automotive solutions and strengthening its presence in diverse markets.

Consolidating Leadership and Delivering Enhanced Value: Alliance Automotive Group’s Commitment to Growth

The acquisition of Direct Auto Parts and Car Parts Warehouse demonstrates Alliance Automotive Group’s commitment to growth and its ability to identify valuable opportunities in the industry. Moreover, these strategic investments position the company to consolidate its position as a leading player in the automotive sector, delivering enhanced value to its customers.