Acquisition and Product Offerings

Allcos BV, a leading company in the automotive cleaning products sector, has recently been acquired by Alliance Automotive Group Benelux . This strategic takeover, effective from March 1, strengthens Alliance Automotive Group Benelux’s position in the market while expanding their product offerings.

Allcos BV Allcos BV specializes in supplying and importing professional maintenance and cleaning products for the Dutch automotive market. In addition, with a focus on quality and innovation, they offer a wide range of car care solutions under the renowned brand names of Kenotek, ZviZZer, and Concept Chemicals.

Kenotek, a flagship brand of Allcos BV, stands out for its high-quality chemical cleaning agents. Manufactured in Belgium using REACH certified raw materials, Kenotek sets the standard for effective and safe car wash solutions. Moreover, their commitment to continuous research and development ensures that customers receive the best chemistry for their car washing needs.

ZviZZer, another prominent brand under Allcos BV, brings innovative expertise in polishing agents, polishing pads, and coatings. In addition, produced in Germany, ZviZZer emphasizes the importance of superior quality and performance in achieving exceptional polishing results.

Concept Chemicals
Furthermore, Concept Chemicals, a long-standing player in the car care industry, is based in the UK. With years of experience, Concept Chemicals has gained a reputation for delivering reliable and effective products to meet diverse car care requirements.

By incorporating Allcos BV into its portfolio, Alliance Automotive Group Benelux reinforces its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for car washes, roll-overs, chain car washes, truck wash companies, damage companies, hand car wash companies, and other car care businesses.

Driving Innovation and Unmatched Solutions in the Car Care Market

Above all, this strategic acquisition not only expands the range of products available to customers but also ensures that Alliance Automotive Group Benelux remains at the forefront of the automotive cleaning industry. In addition, with their enhanced product offerings and continued commitment to quality, the alliance between Alliance Automotive Group Benelux and Allcos BV is set to drive innovation and provide unmatched solutions for the car care market.