IAM Wolk Aftersales Experts are stepping up their game with third edition of Aftermarket Forum coming up April 16-17th. This time it will be about Independent Aftermarket in reality of global economy. As today focusing just on Europe is not enough, the Forum will introduce speakers from different continents with their unique perspectives.  

Wolk Previous editions of Aftermarket Forum took place in German cities of Bonn (2017) and Essen (2018) with focus in European Independent Aftermarket. It’s a 1,5-day event, including an evening come-together networking party and whole day conference lead by influential speakers from all sides of automotive industry.

With around 170 guests from 118 companies attending the 2018’s edition, the Aftermarket Forum 2019 is going to be biggest event to date organized by Wolk Aftersales Experts. For the convenience of the guests coming from outside Germany the venue was moved to Frankfurt am Main – one of the most important European air travel hubs. Aftermarket Forum 2019 will take place on 16-17th April in Marriott Hotel – just across the street from Messe Frankfurt, where every two year the Automechanika event is held.

What is different this time is the topic shift from just Europe to global economy. While the biggest OE parts producers are already acting on worldwide scale, the smaller market players still think more locally. We predict it is about to change as going global is the way to secure sustainable growth. This is the reason during Aftermarket Forum 2019 we will introduce speakers from all over the world to share the insights on truly global scale” explains Zoran Nikolic, Managing Director at Wolk Aftersales Experts.

The Aftermarket Forum 2019 will focus on:

  • How to react to the changes in the global aftermarket? The new approaches to regional business policies
  • The perspective of the parts manufacturers (OEMs, Premium and Budget PMs)
  • What are the biggest challenges for aftermarket participants in different regions of the world?
  • The structures of regional markets
  • Is the online business still the challenge to be faced or is it already the requirement for the aftermarket business?

It’s a high level meeting of automotive industry and aftermarket professionals. “The idea is to not only present different point of views and discuss them, but also provide ample possibility for networking” says Antti Wolk, Managing Director at Wolk Aftersales Experts. It meets the demand form guests as 74% of 2018’s edition attendees declared to take part in 2019’s edition as well. “It is a very valuable event and it was greatly organized” says Florence Bailleul, the Vice President and General Manager of Johnson Controls.

The registration for the event is open – full information is available at www.aftermarket-forum.com. With the Code “Early-bird” there is a 200 euro discount for the participation fee.

Aftermarket Forum proves to be a valuable platform for sponsors. Speed4Trade, specialists in e-commerce solutions for automotive industry already secured one of “Gold” slots.

Do you want to follow the trends or are you willing to be the one who shapes them? Join us in April in Frankfurt and be ahead of the curve” summarizes Antti Wolk.