Almacén de Recambios Paher, which has seven distribution centers (Valladolid, Medina del Campo, Palencia, Aguilar de Campoo, Medina de Pomar and Miranda)  and whose surface area is equivalent to more than 5,500m2, has been acquired by AD Grupo Regueira and Grupo Vemare, two of AD Parts’s partners.

Josep Bosch, president of  AD Parts,  indicates that  “The great relationship between the two families, as well as the mutual professional admiration for Paher’s staff and the work carried out by them in their area of ​​influence, have made the project possible.”

In 2015, Vemare and Paher already reached an agreement, together with Pedro Sanz, to share out the area of ​​influence of the then CGA member: The former controlled Madrid and Alcorcón while Paher took over the Valladolid delegation.

The alliance between the two partners of AD Parts, AD Grupo Regueira and Grupo Vemare, for the acquisition of 90% of the third party, not only  reinforces the alliance  of  Grupo AD  and the relationship between them, but also demonstrates the intention to  progress  in the opportunities that arise in the market.

The operation is valued very positively from the headquarters, since it consolidates the interest and strength  of the Group , which maintains its  objective  of continuing to strengthen its geographical coverage and the service provided to customers as the  leading distribution group in Spain.

In the words of Josep Bosch, also president of AD Parts Intergroup – Company that AD Peñalver acquired a few months ago – «The fact that there are partners in the group who, for certain reasons (whether due to lack of succession, or others) want to sell, in the group can be resolved in two ways: either with the purchase by one or several partners (as is the case, and others that have o2ccurred), or through the company AD Parts Intergrup. The fact of the good harmony between the companies of our group means that this agreement has been reached, and we are very satisfied, because in this way the operation remains in our common bosom, which is strengthened thanks to more powerful companies».